World Politics and International Relations (in inglese)

Classe delle lauree magistrali in Scienze della politica

World Politics and International Relations

This interdisciplinary Laurea Magistralis program is taught entirely in English and combines a rigorous theoretical training with the development of practical skills including research methods, team work, and presentations. Much of the teaching is interactive and includes contributions from invited experts. Roughly a half of the students are non-Italian and come from all over the world.

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The two-year Master’s Degree (LaureaMagistralis) in World Politics and International Relations is taught entirely in English and includes core courses with a comparative and international focus.

The number of contact hours between students and faculty is unusually high by European standards (40 hours for a standard 6 credit course), and much of the teaching is interactive.

Examination is by a mixture of written coursework, written and oral exams, and a final thesis viva. Over the two years, you may expect to write 5 or 6 assessed essays and receive feedback on them. You willimprove your soft skills, including skills in teamwork, critical argumentation, presentations and public speaking. During the second year, you will write a research thesis under the personal supervision of a member of the Department.

Some courses involve the participation of outside speakers and practitioners from the fields of diplomacy and international law (ambassadors, international judges, representatives from Consulates, etc.). In addition, the degree course hosts visiting professors from China, Europe, North and South America.

Over the last years, just over a half of the students enrolled in the degree course have been non-Italian, coming from countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Laos, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our students say that the international composition of the class is one of the great strengths of the degree course.

Italian and non-Italian students alike gain the opportunity to work in a vibrant, cosmopolitan, English speaking community, while also experiencing the culturally rich environment of Italian academia.

Pavia University participates in a number of exchange programs, including the Erasmus program which provides financial assistance to students currently enrolled at Pavia who wish to spend part or all of their second year abroad, substituting exams at Pavia’s partner universities for their regular Pavia exams.

In addition, Pavia is part of the Coimbra group, a network of the 25 oldest universities in Europe, which organizes student exchanges.

World Politics and International Relations students have an excellent success record in applications for the University’s mobility programs.

Sbocchi professionali

Given its interdisciplinary and comparative nature, the Laurea Magistralis in World Politics and International Relations provides students with a broad perspective on current global issues, an understanding of the genesis and the evolution of major international changes, and an ability to recognize and evaluate their theoretical and practical outcomes.

This broad-based training in international affairs offers a solid basis for careers in national diplomatic services, in International Governmental Organizations (including European organizations), and in NGOs, as well as positions for analysts and consultants in internationally oriented private and public companies, public administrations, and research institutes. It also offers the basis for continued university studies at the PhD level.


Internship through Almalaurea portal


    1. Find your internship
    2. Enable an agreement between the university of Pavia and the institution where you will be working as intern.Check if there is an agreement in place:
      If not, the agreement (convenzione) can be done through the website Almalaurea: When the agreement is done, you can complete the project for the internship as mentioned in the next step.
    3. Fill in the internship project through the online portal ALMALAUREA: The text is in Italian, but you can see it translated into English using
    4. Then the company or yourself must contact Mrs Cazzola (via ), she will send the agreement and the project form (in English) to fill. Alternatively, you can download and print the agreement, then sign it.
    5. Now you can start the internship. Please remember that 150 hours internship is equal to 6 credits, 225 hours=9 credits, 300 hours=12 credits.
    6. Once you finish the internship, please send via FILO DIRETTO or, alternatively, hand in to the Administrative office (Via Sant’Agostino 1) the following documents:
      • – the final questionnaire filled in by your internship tutor (modulo di giudizio finale a cura del tutor aziendale) on the online portal ALMALAUREA (the link to the questionnaire is generated and sent directly to the internship tutor at the end of the training project. If the total number of hours has been reached sooner than expected, an early closure of the internship can be requested through the online portal ALMALAUREA);
      • – the time registration form filled in during the internship, duly signed by the internship tutor on each page.

    If you are going to register credits gained through courses offered by the Osservatorio di Pavia, you must send the certification of completion of the course to

    For any information on the procedure, please contact

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